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Excalibur Shelters Ltd's patented Tri-Tainer, uses a revolutionary deployment method to provide up to 40m2 of interior space in minutes.


Supplied with onboard water storage and electrical outlets, the Tri-Tainer is a versatile shelter structure for the most demanding environment. 

Self-Lifting Container, self lifting container, side loaders equipment
X-Tainer, Expandable Container, Self lifting shelter

The ISO approved Self Lifting Container from Excalibur Shelters, features fold out hydraulic legs to accommodate all suitable modes of transport. While providing a robust lifting mechanism to eliminate expensive container crane rentals during loading and unloading cycles. 


Fuel Consumption per load: 125 ml 

Time to Load :   Less than 15 minutes


Discovery Channel Video - 

Excalibur's patented expandable shelter system is a revolutionary turnkey shelter like no other.


Deployable within 60 minutes, the X-Tainer delivers a large solid wall interior space between 45 and 900 sq/m.


The Discovery Channel Video below features our first every prototype in action. 



EXCALIBUR SHELTERS - Self lifting shipping containers  

We have redesigned our containers to be a versatile tool to answer fundamental logistic and shelter challenges.  By integrating our patented transformation and hydraulic mechanics into our containers, we have developed the evolution of shipping containers.

SL-Tainers starting from : USD $35 000

TRI-Tainer starting from: USD $120 000

ISO Compliant Self lifting shipping containers  

With No Cranes required the self-lifting and self-levelling SL-Tainers are ideal for Intermodal land transportation. In practise the SL-Tainer practically pays for itself after the 22th load, considering overhead costs such as crane rentals, fuel expenditure and labour.

World first in expandable container structures  

The patented X-Tainer is a solid wall expandable shipping container with
inter-connectable walls, for shelter and containment applications . Fully equipped with its own water and power supply, the X-Tainer is a turnkey structure for the most demanding environments.

Three times the space with revolutionary deployment.  

The Tri-Tainer's patented deployment mechanics and method is a world first in expandable shelters, creating a large solid wall and roof interior space within 15 minutes. The turnkey shelter is truly revolutionary. 

Past & Current Clients   

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