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SL-Tainer ISO approved self lifting containers

Under 15 minutes to load!

$1.00 per load

Our self lifting containers are reduce carbon emissions by 99%%
Self lifting container,
Efficient, Eco-Friendly and a great Money Saver

We designed the heavy-duty hydraulic legs to fold neatly into the containers frame, allowing us to maintain the standard shipping dimensions.  Effortlessly, the hydraulic legs are folded out and locked into their intended lifting / lowering position.


The large robust hydraulic legs deliver substantial foundation and provide a lifting height of 1.6 meters.  When the legs are folded out in their lift or lowing position they provide a clearance width of 3.138 m (10.25'), ideal for regular flatbed trucks to comfortably reverse between. 

Nice & Easy 

Accurate within 20mm, the self-leveling system provides peace of mind when lowering and lifting the SL-Tainer.


The Self-Leveling system is the ideal safety mechanism to reduce human error. Protecting the contents of the container and the operator. The operator simply uses the lift or lowering button on the remote. 


Safely Load and Unload the SL-Tainer within 15 minutes. 





• Deliveries

• Storage facility

• Power generators

• Specialized & seasonal storage

• Refrigeration

• Water purification / filtration facility

• Promotions & entertainment facility

• Ticket booths

• Ablution facilities

• Kitchens 

• Accommodation 

• Military 

• Training centers

• Large animal carrier 


Up, up and away

We decided to provide the Power Pack as an external feature; this allows the operator to simply use one power pack system on several self-lifting containers, reducing additional expenditure. The Power pack is a 9 KW motor, 2 speed hydraulic system, 3000 PSI max. 


1.6 Meters

Certified as the worlds strongest 6m container at 26.3 Tons




Container Crane 

* Expensive to rent or buy

* Operator license required

* Timely

* NOT Eco-friendly

* Restricted spaces

Heavy Duty Fork-Lift 

* Expensive to rent or buy

* Operator license required

* Timely

* NOT Eco-friendly

* Restricted spaces

Tip Truck 

* Operator license required

* Timely

* Not safe for internal goods

* Container wear



• Transport cost reduction, less trucks, less insurance, less drivers, less  

           maintenance costs, less wasted time.

• $1.50 Cost to load or unload versus crane or specialized equipment rental

• Under 15 minutes to load and unload

• Convenience of loading in remote locations

• More time for staff to unload at their discretion

• No waiting for special equipment to unload or load the containers

• Advantage of ground level access

• No operator license required

• SL-Tainer has its own self leveling system within 20mm 

• Onsite relocation is easy

• No need for a rigger and crane operator

• Ordinary trucks can load / unload anywhere

• The SL-Tainer can handle all conventional container loads in confided spaces

• Can be loaded or unloaded with overhead obstructions, where cranes may be confined. 



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