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Custom Interiors


  • Deployment Time: 20 minutes with two people

  • Deployment method: Remote controlled hydraulics system or manual over-ride

  • Conventional 6m / 20' container interior space: 36 m2

  • High cube 6m / 20' container interior space 40 m2 interior space 

  • Roof Height: Gradient starting at 2.2m to 2.7m (Apex of skylight roof at 3.1m Height)

  • Structure: Solid wall, roof and floor

  • Water Storage: 650L onboard tank with the option of an addition 700L grey-water tank built in to the base of the shelter.

  • Built in water system allows immediate use.

  • Lighting: LED interior lights & natural skylight

  • Skylight Material: Translucent Polycarbonate 16mm hollow cavity (250 time stronger than glass)

  • The skylight provides considerable energy and fuel saving

  • Floor: Level (No steps)

  • Considerable roof height compared to any other unit on the market

  • No miss-alignment of connecting panels

  • The solid structure has no interconnecting panels and the results is perfect sealing joints between all corners and floor.

  • The impervious wall to floor seal is impenetrable by insects, rodents and reptiles.

  • Self-lifting jack anchor points are standard on the structure

  • Optional solar panels are totally protected from theft in the stowed positioned

  • It is possible to open the roof via the remote control, allowing the stored interiors to be rapidly changed, this changes the functionality and nature of the container’s application. 





All Tri-Tainer products come standard with jack attachment provisions, to enable quick and effective loading and unloading transitions to/from the transportion platform.

* Jacks sold separely 

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