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Excalibur Shelter's Products


Excalibur Shelters believes in innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. All our products have been designed to solve a problem and in-turn save businesses money, while delivering superior competitive advantages. Some of our recent products include: 

SL-TAINER. Self-Lifting Container


The SL-Tainer’s ISO engineered container, delivers superior strength and functionality. The deployable hydraulic legs make loading and unloading of the SL-Tainer streamline and effortless.


Designed to reduce costs the SL-Tainer is the evolution of shipping containers. 


X-TAINER.  Expandable Container Shelter


The revolutionary X-Tainer is an industry first. Its unique fold out walls provide an incredibly large solid wall shelters in minutes. 


Fully equipped with its own power and water supply the X-Tainer is the ultimate turn-key shelter system on the market. 

TRI-TAINER. Triple Fold Out Container Shelter


The TRI-TAINER embraces transformation technology on another level. 


The conventional shipping container footprint flourishes into large solid shelter structure within 20 minutes.Providing a solid wall, floor and roof structure with an interior space between 36 m2 and 40 m2.


Available August 2016 - Order Now







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