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Defining Mobile Shelters.

When designing the X-Tainer we wanted to create something new and exciting. We considered the key elements that define mobile shelters, this included durablity, mobility, security, amenities, power supply, water supply, comfort and labour.


When combining these elements together we created a architectural masterpiece that transforms and expands into an enormously large shelter system, providing everything you need for your work or play environment.




Between 48 & 900 sq/m

Interior Space

Bigger is Better

The 20’/ 6m X-Tainer is a practical shelter solution that delivers up to 48 sq/m of solid wall and floor interior space. To our advantage the 6m / 20’ X-Tainer’s length, allow us to provide a fold down solid floor structure, suitable for applications that require a clean surface.


The 40’/ 12m X-Tainer is double its brother’s size and provides up to 224 sq/m of solid wall interior space. Unfortunately, because the 40’ / 12m X-Tainer’s length is greater, the fold down floor function does not apply. This is why we recommend the 40’/12m X-Tainer for applications that don’t require a solid floor structure, such as outdoor promotions and marketing, entertainment, maintenances facilities, agricultural storage, heavy equipment garage and much more.


When two X-Tainer’s are networked together they provide a phenomenally large interior space of 900 sq/m with solid wall surroundings. This masterpiece can comfortably facilitate up to 600 standing people, ideal for outdoor concerts and promotional tents.


Versatility through Design


The X-Tainer is unlike any other mobile shelter system. Its uniqueness solely comes from its patented deployment method and mechanisms, which revolutionises the way we think about containerised transformation . The folds out walls are also networkable, proving more flexibility in the field. A membrane roof is required for each different expansion configuration. The X-Tainer provides versatility unlike any other shelter system on the market.


Not only do the fold out walls provide substantial protection, but they can facilitate electrical outlets, equipment, basic plumbing, large monitors, surround speakers and basically anything that fits within the walls dimensions. 



  • Emergency Shelter

  • Workshop

  • Maintenance facility

  • Heavy equipment garage

  • Agricultural Storage

  • Outdoor events

  • Product promotions

  • Animal containment

  • Green houses

  • Mobile solar station

  • Branding & Advertising 

  • Barricaded area

  • Water purification


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